We provide inspections for current homeowners and for home inspectors. With our qualified termite home inspection team you can be certain that we will locate termites if they exist.


You might not know they are present, but they could be in your walls right now. Termites live in colonies under the soil, tunnel to get to a food source, and the wood that is in and around your home. They make mud tubes up the foundation to protect themselves against the elements and predators.

At Rebellion we use the most advanced methods and chemicals in the industry to combat subterranean termites. We use three methods: the bore method, chemical injection, and drench method.



At Rebellion Pest Defense, LLC we are the termite experts. Subterranean termites are some of the most prolific pests that can cause major damage to your home. In fact they cause over $5 billion dollars are year in damage. In some cases, termite repairs can cost thousands of dollars.  Shouldn’t you be protected against them?

How your home defense warranty works:

  • We perform a home inspection to root out any existing termites to ensure that you are eligible for a warranty program.
  • Each proceeding year we inspect your home to ensure the home is termite free. If termites are detected, we will quickly eliminate them at no additional cost to you for the removal of the termites.
  • As long as you continue to renew the termite warranty plan, you are covered by our Rebellion Prevention and Protection Plan against subterranean termites.