Why Rebellion Pest Defense?

Our business was established in response to pests rebelling against us, hence the name Rebellion Pest Defense. We believe in providing the highest quality of service day in and day out. We pride ourselves with delivering exceptional service and only use safe, long lasting products.

Our business approach is to satisfy you, the customer, first and foremost. We will be there when you need us most! We are so proud of the program that we have delivered to the marketplace that we guarantee our service. If you are still having issues with your pests, we will come out and re-treat your home at no additional charge to you.  Within a few treatments with Rebellion Pest Defense, you will see the difference between us and our competitors. We will make you a Rebellion customer for life!



We guarantee you will be happy with your service, however we need to get off to the right start setting up your home defense.  This product is only provided when you pay for the initial treatment fee service. However, this entails spending a longer period of time at your home, inspecting where the pests might be hiding and treating them with the strongest products available. This might include removing the exterior wall outlet covers to treat behind your walls, treating underneath the counters, etc. This initial treatment will help set the foundation of your future services with us.


At Rebellion Pest Defense we use only premium quality pesticide and use the Rebellion Quad Barrier Defense Program. Our Quad Barrier Defense Program is a four step program designed to ensure your home is properly protected against future pest rebellions.

First, we treat the exterior wall of your yard, including the space between your cinder block walls. The second defense layer includes the use of granular placed where the insects like to hide. These are the areas that chemical spray does not readily reach such as behind a shed, inside a plant, etc. The third layer of our Quad Barrier Defense Program is the treatment around the foundation of your home.The last layer of defense if requested are the interior treatments. This generally includes a threshold treatment, garage treatment, and any trouble areas that the homeowner might want us to spray. To learn more about the chemicals we use select the chemicals link.


Monthly maintenance: This program is for those who are either worried about pests, or are in an area with significant pest problems.

Bi-monthly maintenance: This program’s aimed for the typical customer who isn’t overly concerned with seeing a bug or two. This program will still eliminate a huge portion of all insects that are around your home.

Quarterly maintenance: This program is designed to provide similar results with less frequent services. However, due to Arizona’s heat these chemicals residual value rapidly decreases and you will see more bugs toward the end of the service versus the beginning.


Our black light treatment is an expansion upon our premium standard services. It can also be used as a standalone service if you have a serious scorpion rebellion on your hands.

We will have a scorpion expert come to your home after dark, when scorpions are most active, and they can easily be viewed using a black light. We treat the areas where scorpions hide using the strongest scorpion chemicals on the market to help eliminate your scorpion problem. Additionally we will locate the scorpions at their source and kill as many as possible using a black light to immediately eliminate the scorpion threat to you, your family and your pets.


Call Back Policy: We want your phone calls. We will try our best to be there when you call us or we will return your call within 48 hours. (Excludes holiday’s and weekends)

Free Reservice:  After allowing 48 hours for the chemicals to take effect, give us a call if you are still experiencing issues. We are there for you when you need us.

Scheduling: We have convenient scheduling hours available. From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for standard services, and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm for our Black Light Service.


Please note that our guarantee come’s with a service agreement. Please reference your service agreement.

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